7 Substitutes for Diet-Killing Picnic Foods

By Joe Wilkes It’s almost summertime, which brings the incongruous collision of picnic season and swimsuit season. The weather’s perfect for hiking, camping, barbecuing, and days at the beach—lots of opportunities for outdoor exercise, but just as many opportunities to pig out at pool parties, luaus, outdoor festivals, and county fairs. Here are some foods to try avoiding during the … Continue reading

Wake-up Calls: 7 Ways to Boost Your Energy Without Caffeine

By Lisa Palac For most, it happens in the late afternoon, usually between lunch and 6ish: that feeling of sluggish, low-energy brain-deadness that makes you want to call it quits for the day. Since that’s generally not an option, you reach for the next solution: the caffeine pick-me-up. Whether it’s coffee or tea or a yerba mate, many of us … Continue reading

Muscles in a Tub: A Creatine FAQ

By Dave Slagle Creatine may be one of the most popular sports nutrition supplements of all time, but it’s also one of the most controversial. Everyone and their brother has an opinion about how, when, why, and where to take the stuff—if you should take it at all. But given opinions are like glutei maximi (everybody has one), let’s dispense … Continue reading

Sugar Addiction Detox 101

sugar detox

By Debra Pivko Sugar, sweet sugar—a delightful minute on the tongue in exchange for what feels like a lifetime on the hips. But weight gain isn’t the only consequence of eating too much sugar. Ready for the not-so-sweet truth? Overconsumption of processed sugar can contribute to a number of conditions, including tooth decay, type 2 diabetes, hormonal imbalances, overgrowth of … Continue reading

Father’s Day, Father’s Way: 6 Great Gifts for 6 Great Dads

Healthy Gift Ideas for Father's Day

By Collette DeBenetello There are certain moments in life that stay with you forever. The first time you threw a baseball, the first time you rode a bike, the first time you went camping in the great outdoors—and the s’mores that went with them . . . mmm . . . s’mores . . . oh wait. Sorry. For a … Continue reading

Booze Bust: Can Exercise and Alcohol Go Hand in Hand?

By Collette DeBenedetto Summer (aka drinking) season is upon us—sun, fun, barbecues, and brewskis with your broskis. Ah, the good life. But with shirts off, where are you going to hide the burgers and beer? You wouldn’t think of telling your buddies that you’re passing up the booze to watch your weight because, let’s be honest, you were Spring Break King … Continue reading