Body Beast for Smart Phones Coming Soon!

Breaking News: Body Beast Will Be Available on Your iPhone Soon.

Body Beast for Smart PhoneI wrote here at length about how Body Beast has made it possible to get massive results without going to the gym. Sagi Kalev designed the program specifically so that you can do all the workouts with a minimum of equipment. Some of us can get fixated on gear instead of results. Remember that results come about from your training, not your gym equipment. I heard a story about how the legendary bodybuilder Franco Columbo got his start. He was from a poor village in Italy. They didn’t have a globogym in town, so he began his bodybuilding journey by lifting heavy rocks, which were abundant in the hills around his village. The rest is bodybuilding legend. The moral of the story is that a gym is only a place to work out. What you put into your workout is more important that where you work out.

Having said that, I want to share some breaking news about the new smart phone app for Body Beast that is being developed. I am positive it will work with the iPhone, but am not sure about Android or other smartphones. With this app, you no longer have to choose between the gym or your home, because it will allow you to take your Body Beast workouts with you to your favorite gym. Beachbody understands that some folks may not have the space for a home gym, so they can only work out at a real gym. I remember living in 1-bedroom apartments for most of my 20’s.  Even a simple home gym would have been a stretch for me at the time.

More About the Body Beast Smartphone App

You know what the most amazing thing about the upcoming Body Beast smart phone app is? It will be FREE. You don’t have to pay anything extra to get it. The way I understand it is that if you are a Body Beast customer, you will receive an email from Beachbody when the app becomes available that will direct you to the webpage where you can download the app for free. That is freaking awesome! Take your Body Beast routines with you to your gym and Beast up. This is another example of how Beachbody takes care of its customers. Even though I prefer to work out at home, I can see how others would want to use a gym. Beachbody just gets it. That’s why they are revolutionizing home fitness.

Stay tuned for more details on the Body Beast iPhone app in development. When it is released in the upcoming months, you will be the first to know.

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