Body Beast Results: Long Term Results

Body Beast Results: What Results Can You Expect Long Term?

Body Beast long term resultsI’ve written  here and here about some Body Beast results that real dudes have achieved from doing the workout program for 90 days. In response to my posts, some people have emailed me to say that they weren’t too impressed with the results. They say that they didn’t see too much difference. They expected more.

Unfortunately, we live in an instant gratification world. We forget that great gains can only be achieved with consistent long term training. Hollywood has has also screwed up our expectations from the stories it produces of actors who managed to go from skinny to hulkish in two months. Let’s get real people, you will not be able to gain 30 pounds of muscle in two months regardless of how much time you spend at the gym. This is absolute fantasy. Anyone who believes this crap should go back to reading comic books.

This is my response to the naysayers who think that Body Beast can’t get the job done. What is so disappointing about 10-17 pounds of mass gain in 90 days? We’re talking muscle mass, here, not fat. It’s obvious that the guys doing the program got bigger and more cut at the same time, so the mass they gained from Body Beast is pure muscle. While it’s possible to gain more mass in the same amount of time, most of that will not be muscle. Most of it will be water retention and fat.

Despite popular misconceptions which are fueled by irresponsible media, the human body can only produce a certain amount of muscle mass in a given time.  Without the use of growth hormones, the human body can create a maximum of .5-.75 pound of muscle tissue each week of hard training. This is under optimal conditions where the person is eating the right kinds of foods to maximize muscle growth. Also, a newbie will make greater gains than someone who has been weight training for a long time. Anything above .5-.75 pound per week is extremely difficult to come by unless you’re on steroids. For women, it’s a lot less. Therefore, the fact that a lot of the guys in the Body Beast test group were able to achieve 10-17 pounds of muscle mass gain in twelve weeks is right in line with what is physically possible. They are very close to maximizing their potential.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of the guys in the test group were “hardgainers,” meaning they had trouble putting real mass on with any workout program. Some have been trying for years, and Body Beast was the first program that produced real results. It’s not just about weight gain, the guys were able to grow real inches in the arms, chest, and legs. I count myself among the category of hardgainers. I’ve been working out consistently for over two years, and have never developed muscle mass as quickly as I have with Body Beast. I added over 1.5 inches to each leg alone.

Body Beast Long Term Results Video

I’m posting this video to show what can be achieved with Body Beast long term. All the guys in the video have been doing Body Beast for at least a year. They are cast members who appear in the different Body Beast workouts in the program. They have been training with Sagi Kalev, the Body Beast trainer for a long time, and participated in the development of the Body Beast workout program.

I don’t know where they started off, but it’s clear that the program works for them and has produced massive results. That’s what can happen if you are consistent and persistent over the long term. You will get the physique you want. While I’m not looking to get as big like these dudes, because that’s not a fitness goal of mine, I have no doubt that if I followed the Body Beast workout program for a year or more, including the nutrition plan and the supplements, I could get the same results.

If you want additional evidence that Body Beast works, just look at the photo of Sagi Kalev. He’s been body building for many years, and he’s also responsible for training many professional body buildings. If you want results, he’s the go-to guy to help you achieve them.

Check the video below and see what Body Beast can do for you if you’re looking for long term results.

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To learn more about Body Beast, contact me at or send me a Facebook private message. Ask me how I can set you up in a private Facebook support group that is led by the Body Beast himself, Sagi Kalev. Want all your Body Beast questions answered to get great results? This is the place to do it.

Ten pounds of muscle mass in 90 days. Are you ready for the challenge?

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