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body beast results with before and after photosBody Beast Results: Building a Better Muscle Building Program

In this post, I’m going to share with you the different kinds of results that are possible when you do the Body Beast.

First, there is short term gains. This workout program is designed to create muscle mass as quickly as possible. Second, there is long term. Even after you have completed the program, you can keep building mass if you continue to follow its protocols. For good measure, I’m going to include a few before and after images of some regular guys who were part of the Body Beast test group.

Body Beast is a complete body building system that includes a series of DVD workouts, a nutrition plan with mass calculator, and a comprehensive line nutritional supplements to maximize the results from the training. There is no need to put the system together from scratch because it’s all included in one easy-to-follow package. Body Beast is about one thing only–building muscle mass.

If you can press the start button on a DVD player or blender, you can get results from Body Beast.

What You Can Expect Short Term

I once heard Sagi Kalev (the creator of Body Beast) say that he was a scrawny kid growing up. Although he was athletic, he had a hard time putting on mass. This changed when he started to pursue body building seriously and worked with the right people who schooled him on proper nutrition, supplements, and the right workout schedule.

One of Sagi’s goals was to develop a program that would help someone like his former self, scrawny guys who found it hard to pack on the pounds. You might have heard of the term, “hardgainer,” which has come to mean a person who lifts weights, but can’t put on any muscle.

Some hardgainers work out consistently for months or years, yet will only see minimal results. The most they can achieve from their hard work is a small increase in muscle tone and more definition. My college roommate was like that. He was 135 pounds soaking wet on his 6’2″ frame.  He worked out like crazy and ate everything in site, yet the mass eluded him.

Jeff in the video below had the same problem. He said he tried a bunch of different types of workout programs and products since high school, but the only thing he could ever do is lean out. Jeff is a great candidate to test Body Beast, and he fact, he was one of the guys in the test group.

As shown in the before and after images of Jeff in the video, Jeff no longer suffers from the hardgainer syndrome. Through the correct training methods, proper nutrition, and the new line of Body Beast Supplements, even skinny guys can develop a thicker physique in only 90 days.

Obviously, Jeff didn’t suddenly became Charles Atlas in 90 days. However, he definitely put on some size all over. There is a noticeable bulking in his arms, chest, back, and legs. Pretty good results for someone who says nothing else has worked for him. He now has the athletic body he only dreamed about before.

Remember that Jeff’s results are short term. Meaning, this is what most people can realistically expect after only three months of training using the Body Beast body building system.

What Results Can You Expect Long Term

I’ve gotten some emails from people who say that they weren’t too impressed with the 90 day Body Beast results. Some say that they didn’t see too much difference.

Unfortunately, these types of complaints are symptomatic of an instant gratification society. It also reveals profound ignorance about body building and weight training. People’s expectations have been skewed about stories about how some actor in Hollywood put on 30 pounds of muscle in two months. Not only is this NOT normal, it’s probably not natural either.

The reality is that big gains can only be achieved with consistent long term training. The reality is that no one will be able to gain 30 pounds of muscle in two months regardless of how much time they spend at the gym. This is pure fantasy. Anyone who believes this is possible should go back to reading comic books.

Despite popular myths which are blindly passed on by the irresponsible media, the human body can only produce a limited amount of real muscle mass in a given time. Without the use of unnatural growth hormones, the human body can only create a maximum of .5-.75 pound of muscle tissue each week. Even with hard training and under optimal conditions where the person is eating the right kinds of foods to maximize muscle growth.

Anything above .5-.75 pound per week is extremely difficult to come by unless you’re steroids is in the picture. For women, it’s a lot less.

The video below shows what is possible with Body Beast long term (more than a year of following the program). All the dudes in the video appeared in the workout DVDs and have been training with Sagi for at least a year.

I don’t know where any of these guys started off because I don’t have any before photos, but it’s clear that the program works for them and has produced very impressive results. This is what you can expect when you are consistent and persistent over the long term. You will get the thick physique you want.

I have to be real and say that it’s not my particular fitness goal to get as big like the dudes in the video. However, I don’t doubt doubt that if I followed the Body Beast workout program for a year or more, including the nutrition plan and the supplements, I would get the same results. A friend of mine has done three rounds of the program and has gained 20 pounds of muscle mass.

Body Beast Delivers Results Backed Up With Testing

I wrote here about how Body Beast went through a trial period with a group of men before it was released. This is Beachbody’s quality control measure to ensure that Body Beast would deliver on its promises. The average dude in the test group gained ten pounds (some more, some less) of muscle. I don’t consider myself a hardgainer, because I can certainly get fat easily (which hardgainers have a hard time with as well). However, I don’t think that I build muscle easily, either. This is why I’m all in on Body Beast.

Check out these real world Body Beast results with before and after photos. Beachbody always tests its new workout programs with real people before releasing it. It’s a great way to ensure quality control.

Because the male human body can only produce .50-.75 pound of muscle tissue each week, the fact that a lot of the guys in the Body Beast test group were able to achieve 10-17 pounds of muscle mass gain in twelve weeks is right in line with what is physically possible. They are very close to maximizing their potential.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of the guys in the test group were hardgainers who had trouble putting real mass on with any workout program. Some have been trying for years, and Body Beast was the first program that produced real results. It’s not just about weight gain, the guys were able to grow real inches in the arms, chest, and legs. I count myself among the category of hardgainers. I’ve been working out consistently for over two years, and have never developed muscle mass as quickly as I have with Body Beast. I added over 1.5 inches to each leg alone.

This is the reason why Beachbody produces the best, most respected DVD workout programs on the market. Body Beast is no different. Before it was release, it underwent hardcore testing by a group of normal guys looking to build lean muscle mass. These guys pushed the program to find out if Body Beast really delivers. The results are in. Check out the before and after gallery below of Body Beast testers and judge for yourself if this new workout program lives up to its promise.

Body Beast Before and After Gallery

Check out this before and after photo gallery of real guys getting real results. Everything was achieved in 90 days.

Victor's Body Beast results (before and after)

Victor’s Body Beast results (before and after)

Dennis's Body Beast Results

Dennis’s Body Beast Results

Eric's Body Beast Results

Eric’s Body Beast Results

Jason's Body Beast Results

Jason’s Body Beast Results

Jeff's Body Beast results (before and after)

Jeff’s Body Beast results (before and after)

Kevin's Body Beast Results

Kevin’s Body Beast Results

Brandon's Body Beast Results

Brandon’s Body Beast Results

Bryan's Body Beast Results

Bryan’s Body Beast Results

Chris's Body Beast Results (before and after)

Chris’s Body Beast Results (before and after)

What Kind of Results Can You Expect with Body Beast?

The average lean muscle mass gain for the each tester was ten pounds in three months. Very impressive, because that is very close to what the human potential for building muscle is (without the use of growth hormones). It is possible to gain more weight, but most of it will likely be extra fat and water, not pure muscle. Obviously, these guys lost fat, not added it. They also put on some real size and developed a thicker physique. We’re not talking Hulkish bulk, but the results are excellent with just three months of clean training.

If you want more size, just redo the program, which is designed to be repeated. See the video of long term results above. The testers all followed the Body Beast nutrition guide and used Beachbody’s new line of extreme Body Beast supplements.

I was really on the fence when I first heard of Body Beast, but as the release date nears and I learn more about this program, I’m getting to a point where I will probably be one of its first buyers. Watch my blog for more info on Body Beast in the future. [UPDATE: I have completed Body Beast and am happy to report that I put on about 9.5 pounds of muscle mass. My personal results images to be posted soon.]

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If you have any questions ore comments about these Body Beast results, feel free to post them below. I would love to hear about your experiences.

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  4. Joseph says:

    Wait till I get my before and afters up on here!!! Im excited!

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  6. Great post, Khoa! Appreciate you sharing this one

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  8. Tarel says:

    I currently take body beast supplements and do the workouts a few times a week. I’ve lost tons of weight and started gaining more muscle mass. Hope to be on a before and after shot on this page soon 😉

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  12. Joey says:

    Some of these look so fake. I can’t wait till peoples personal results surface rather than results being published by Beach Body.

    • Khoa Nuyen says:

      Hey Joey, why do you think the results look fake? If you want to see a real personal result, check out mine. It’s the picture on the right hand column. This is only after 30 days of Body Beast.

  13. This is awesome! I just learned about this today and am super pumped to get those results. I haven’t seen anything else like it anywhere else. Great review. Thanks for what you do!

    Jim C

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  24. keith says:

    I would have to agree with you that no one can gain 30 pounds in three months, if they did then it would mostly be fat. I own Body Beast but have never finished it, i am now on the program again and this time i will finish it. Now the people who know iam doing have pointed out that to get to Sagi’s size then you must be taking steroids, now on that point i would agree, there is no way he got that size naturally, but i tell them that it is not about that, whatever he took in the past is different from what you can accomplish with this program.

    • Khoa Nuyen says:

      I know that before Sagi was hired to develop the Body Beast program, he was tested for drugs, including steroids. He’s big because he’s been training hard for 25 years. It’s not possible to get as big as him in 90 days, but I think 25 years of body building will do it.

  25. mitch says:

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  28. Yekesh says:

    i’m 39, female and just started the bulk phase of body beast. 3 weeks and i’m already seeing changes in my body. The workouts are killer but i learn to listen to my body and i don’t over lift…for example if the guys are lifting 20lbs for 15 reps i use my 10 or 12, but i definitely lift more for legs(my best body beast workout). Sagi is funny yet motivating…whatever it takes, i use that phrase in my everyday life now. i hope to include more cardio because i still have loads of fat to burn. i don’t follow the eating plan simply because i can’t, i live in Nigeria…but i do try and eat healthy most of the time. i hope to post a fabulous after picture at the end of my 90 days.