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Holy smokes!  You gotta check out this video of Beachbody’s latest workout program, Body Beast. It is designed for bodybuilders and guys who want to get HUGE. The trainer, Sagi Kalev, reminds me of a jacked up version of Tony Horton, and I mean that in a good way. He seems like an excellent motivator. I’m getting pumped up just watching this Body Beast sneak peek video, and I don’t even want to look like these guys.

Body Beast was released at the end of June 2012. I am not into bodybuilding at all, but I am nevertheless stoked about the availability of Body Beast. I heard that Beachbody will also be offering a new line of supplements to go with the program–super premium protein powder and Suma root. Stay tuned for breaking news about Body Beast.

Watch the Body Beast Sneak Peek Video

For more information, read my previous post on Body Beast here, or check out the official Body Beast webpage.

To learn more about Body Beast, contact me at or send me a Facebook private message. Ask me how I can set you up in a private Facebook support group that is led by the Body Beast himself, Sagi Kalev. Want all your Body Beast questions answered to get great results? This is the place to do it.

For more information about the Body Beast supplements, click here to watch a video.

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