Insanity Max Interval Circuit Review

Insanity Max Interval Circuit: If It Doesn’t Kill You, It Will Make You Stronger If you have any questions about this review of Insanity Max Interval Circuit, contact me at Insanity Max Interval Circuit First Impressions This is the workout that put the insane in Insanity. It is sixty minutes in length, but if you’re following the program calendar, … Continue reading

Where Can You Order Insanity?

What’s the Best Place to Order Insanity? Right here. Through my blog. 🙂 There are several channels to order Insanity: 1) catch its infomercial on TV and use the toll-free telephone number; 2) order directly from Beachbody’s Insanity site; or 3) get it through a Team Beachbody coach like me. Why is Ordering Insanity through a Team Beachbody Coach Such … Continue reading

P90X vs. Insanity

P90X vs. Insanity

If you have any questions about P90X vs. Insanity, contact me at P90X vs. Insanity Introduction This comparison is likely going to piss a few people off, no matter what I may say. There’s a family rivalry between P90X and Insanity. Both programs have rabid fans who swear by them, and who will fight to the death anyone who … Continue reading

Insanity Success Story (Jeff)

Insanity Success Story

Insanity Success Story: Extreme Weight Loss Jeff has an incredible success story. I admire his courage for taking on something like Insanity in his former condition (extremely obese). He was 375+ pounds when he began his fitness journey. His starting weight was only a guess because the bathroom scale does not go over 350 pounds. Not only was he obese, … Continue reading

Insanity Success Story (Elizabeth)

Wow! Another Insanity Success story to report. These are some of my favorite posts. I get motivated sharing stories about how other people achieved the body of their dreams through a Beachbody program like Insanity because I know from my own experience that they work. I’m no fluke and neither is Elizabeth. She went from bloated and unhappy to smoking … Continue reading

Insanity Success Story (Heather)

Great Insanity results. Heather went from being cute to smoking. A six-pack is hard to attain for men, but even harder for women because women naturally have higher fat percentages that prevent those abs from showing.  When you see a woman sporting a six-pack, you know she is really fit.  Heather’s got in going on because she dug deep with Insanity. Want … Continue reading