P90X Success Story (Joel)

P90X Success Story: Seeing Results Come Fast Joel’s Fitness Journey began like many others (including yours truly). He just got sick and tired of the condition he had found himself in. He was tired of being out of breath. Tired of having to suck in his stomach in order to button his size 38 pants. Tired of having out of … Continue reading

Insanity Success Story (Jeff)

Insanity Success Story

Insanity Success Story: Extreme Weight Loss Jeff has an incredible success story. I admire his courage for taking on something like Insanity in his former condition (extremely obese). He was 375+ pounds when he began his fitness journey. His starting weight was only a guess because the bathroom scale does not go over 350 pounds. Not only was he obese, … Continue reading

P90X Success Story (Jeremy Yost)

P90X success story

P90X Success Story of Extreme Weight Loss Jeremy’s amazing P90X success story is another one about extreme weight loss. I wrote about Richard Neale’s extreme P90X results here. Jeremy started his P90X journey at 375 pounds. This number is only an estimate because the maximum weight that home scales can read don’t go beyond 350 pounds. In total, Jeremy dropped … Continue reading

Yesterday You Said Tomorrow

You know what I’m talking about. When you look at yourself in the mirror and the person staring back at you is not happy, you tell yourself you’re going to do something about it. Everyday you say that you’ll start that workout program tomorrow. When tomorrow shows up, there’s always another excuse. Is today finally going to be the day? … Continue reading

Exercise and the Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth

Exercise Is the Fountain of Youth For years, we have been told by people in the medical field that you can’t do much about your genetic makeup. You are what you are and that’s just the way it is. You’ll grow old the same way your parents did.  As with most all common beliefs, it turns out this one is … Continue reading