P90X Success Story (Joel)

P90X Success Story: Seeing Results Come Fast Joel’s Fitness Journey began like many others (including yours truly). He just got sick and tired of the condition he had found himself in. He was tired of being out of breath. Tired of having to suck in his stomach in order to button his size 38 pants. Tired of having out of … Continue reading

P90X Success Story (Jeremy Yost)

P90X success story

P90X Success Story of Extreme Weight Loss Jeremy’s amazing P90X success story is another one about extreme weight loss. I wrote about Richard Neale’s extreme P90X results here. Jeremy started his P90X journey at 375 pounds. This number is only an estimate because the maximum weight that home scales can read don’t go beyond 350 pounds. In total, Jeremy dropped … Continue reading

P90X Success Story (Richard Neal)

P90X success story

P90X Success Story: Extreme Weight Loss I was in the audience this weekend at the Beachbody Summit for coaches when it was announced that Richard was the male Grand Prize winner of the 2012 Beachbody Challenge contest. It was probably one of the most emotional moments I have experienced with someone I had never met before. The speech he gave … Continue reading

John Salley, P90X Convert

John “Spider” Salley is one of many current or former professional athletes who has gotten on the P90X train. He’s digging what P90X has done for his fitness. What advice does he have for young ballers? He tells the kids that if he were still playing, he would, “Take a thousand shots a day like Kobe Bryant, get cardio training, and do … Continue reading

P90X Success Story (Greg)

There are literally thousands of P90X stories. If you visit YouTube, there’s no shortage of folks eager to share how P90X helped to change their lives. Still, Greg’s story is nothing less than amazing. Going from morbidly obese (a “walking heart attack,” his doctor said) to ripped is damned hard. Check yourself for a heartbeat if you aren’t at least a … Continue reading

P90X Success Story (Paul)

I can relate to Paul’s story because I was almost exactly at the same place as he was when I started P90X–bloated, lethargic, listless, and very unhappy about the state of my physical health. Like Paul, I know how it feels to be revitalized. What he says bears repeating: “P90X just works.” Want someone to guide you through this workout? … Continue reading