Train Like an Olympian With Insanity: the Asylum

Train Like an Olympian with Insanity: The Asylum Insanity: The Asylum, Vol. 2 is just around the corner. In about another week, it will be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. I wrote about it here. In the meantime, however, there’s still Insanity: The Asylum, Vol. 1. This will be my next workout, I swear, once I’m done with Body Beast. … Continue reading

Body Beast Results: Long Term Results

Body Beast

Body Beast Results: What Results Can You Expect Long Term? I’ve written  here and here about some Body Beast results that real dudes have achieved from doing the workout program for 90 days. In response to my posts, some people have emailed me to say that they weren’t too impressed with the results. They say that they didn’t see too … Continue reading

P90X Success Story (Joel)

P90X Success Story: Seeing Results Come Fast Joel’s Fitness Journey began like many others (including yours truly). He just got sick and tired of the condition he had found himself in. He was tired of being out of breath. Tired of having to suck in his stomach in order to button his size 38 pants. Tired of having out of … Continue reading

Insanity Success Story (Jeff)

Insanity Success Story

Insanity Success Story: Extreme Weight Loss Jeff has an incredible success story. I admire his courage for taking on something like Insanity in his former condition (extremely obese). He was 375+ pounds when he began his fitness journey. His starting weight was only a guess because the bathroom scale does not go over 350 pounds. Not only was he obese, … Continue reading

Hitler Rants About Crossfit

What Exactly Does Hitler Have Against Crossfit? Just for the record, I respect all fitness programs. Whatever works for you is what you should be doing. As long as you are off your butt and moving and lifting, then more power to you. That said, I still found this video exceedingly hilarious. Even if you’re a Crossfitter (or especially if … Continue reading