Climb Ropes to Develop Upper Body Strength

I remember climbing ropes at OCS as part of the obstacle course (“O-Course”) when I was training to be a Marine officer, but it never looked this good or this fun. We trained in boots and utilities, not hot shorts. I went through OCS during the winter class, so it was double un-fun because there were no female candidates at all. The ropes were often frozen and slippery, as well as the other obstacles in the course. Your hands either got stuck on the metal bars, or slipped off the ropes. Because the Marine Corps didn’t allow candidates to wear gloves during the obstacle course, no matter what the weather was like, your hands would feel like claws afterwards.

If there were someone like this super-fit hottie to join the fun, I’d probably be motivated to climb ropes all the time in any clime. I wouldn’t have dreaded the O-Course like I did. Admittedly, I also never really got the proper technique for climbing ropes mastered, so most of the time I had to muscle my way up to the top with sheer upper body strength. That was not easy, but it sure made my arms and back strong. So yeah, climbing ropes is an awesome way to build upper body strength. It’s actually even great fun if you didn’t have a DI with a stopwatch screaming at you from below. FYI, no Marine OCS candidate graduates unless he/she can complete the obstacle course in less than two minutes.

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