Equipment You Will Need to Do Body Beast

Recommended Equipment for Body BeastRecommended Equipment for Body Beast

This article discusses the equipment you will need in order to get the best results for Body Beast.

You probably already know that Body Beast is a muscle building program designed to be done at home. This would not mean much if Body Beast requires that your home be outfitted like a global gym, does it? Keep reading to find out exactly what equipment for Body Beast you will need to complete the program and get the results you want.

I will also talk about the modifications to the program if you don’t have a lot of cash for buying equipment (because you would rather save your dough to buy the recommended supplements), or you don’t have a lot of space. Keep in mind that Body Beast for smartphones (and mobile devices) has been released, so if you want to do your Body Beast workouts at a gym, that’s now possible. It is a free download for Body Beast customers.

I am currently on week 4 of Body Beast, so my recommendations are not based upon conjecture or wishful thinking. This is my personal experience that I am sharing with you. My goal is to make your investment of time and money into the program and its supplements as productive as possible.

Equipment for Body Beast for Maximum Results

equipment for Body Beast-Adjustable weight Selecttech dumbbellsAdjustable Weight Dumbbells. This piece of gear is a “must” as far as I’m concerned. Throughout the Body Beast workouts, you will be going up and down in weights A LOT. In one set, you could be lifting 25 pounds, in another, 50 pounds, and so on. It will go by very fast, so you must have a set of adjustable dumbbells that can keep up with the pace of the workout.

I can tell you that even though I am using an adjustable dumbbell set, I still barely have enough time to dial in my weights to keep up with Sagi Kalev and the Body Beast crew. Sometimes there are only 15-30 seconds between sets, so there is no time to be fooling around with plates, handles, and clips. Therefore, I don’t think the dumbbells where you can switch out plates will work because it will take you too long to set up for both dumbbells, unless you pause the workout for an extended period. This will be a big mistake because Body Beast’s training system requires that you lift using a certain tempo and pace for maximum results, and the pacing is NOT leisurely (I will write full reviews of each workout in the future).

If you’re lucky enough to have a complete set of dumbbells from 10-100 pounds, then you will get excellent results. Having said that, I also recommend getting smaller dumbbells in the 5-15 pounds range for the warmups and shoulder exercises. Most adjustable weight dumbbells don’t go below 15 pounds, so you need something smaller to fill that gap. I have a set of 8-10-12-15 dumbbells for this purpose. Unless you have freakishly powerful shoulders, you will probably not want to do some of the deltoids exercises with just 20 pound weights. Trust me on this.

I don’t have any recommendations for any particular brand of adjustable weight dumbbells because I haven’t tried all of them to know which one is the best.  Just for the record, I am using the Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells because my brother-in-law was kind enough to pass them on to me. I recognize that adjustable weight dumbbells can be a hefty investment, but you can use them for almost every Beachbody workout program, so they’ll pay off in the end.

EZ Curl barEZ Curl bar. This is a featured piece of gear for many of the exercises in all of the Body Beast workouts. The one you get from Beachbody works great, and that’s what I’m using myself. The clips that come with them are hard to use at first, but once you break them in, they will go on and come off fairly easily. I think the plates that Beachbody sells are a bit lame (probably shouldn’t be saying this as a Team Beachbody coach, but I gotta keep it real). They are more bulky than necessary because they are not solid metal. They are the filled plastic kind. This would work fine if you are trying to avoid noise and clatter when you work out, but I recommend that you get metal weights from your local sports store so you can pile on a lot of plates at once without worrying about running out of handle space. Make sure you buy the ones with the “standard” holes which are about 1” instead of the 2” “Olympic” plates.

Chin-Up Bar.  Body Beast has chin-up and pullup exercises to work your back muscles, so a chin-up bar is also a must. I’m still using the P90X Chin-up Bar that I purchased more than two years ago. It’s still going strong despite being used and abused regularly.

Chin-Up MaxChin-Up Max. If you want to get all the pullup and chin-up reps in, but don’t yet have the necessary upper body strength, this little piece of gear is fantastic. I wrote about it here. I have one at home because my wife likes to use it for her workouts, but I have to admit that I started using it for the Body Beast workouts because some of the pullup isometric moves are brutal. I consider pullups or chin-ups to be one of my strengths, and have never had any problems with them until Body Beast came along.

Powerblock workbenchAdjustable Workbench.  I wanted to get maximum results from Body Beast, so I purchased one of these. It has been a good investment so far. Every workout will use the workbench at one point or another. Make sure you get one that has a back support that can be adjusted all the way up (90 degrees) and down (completely flat). When you’re lifting heavy, you need as much support as possible.

Body Beast Equipment for Limited Budget

In each of the workouts, one of the guys will demonstrate how to do each move if you have limited equipment. For the most part, the modifications are sound and you won’t lose much efficacy with them. They will get the job done for you.

Stability BallThe adjustable workbench can be switched out for a stability ball. This will actually make the exercise harder, because you will have to spend a lot of energy trying to balance yourself and to keep your core straight on a stability ball. I learned this from having completed P90X2. Your core will definitely become stronger. But, you will likely have to lighten your weights to be able to use this modification. Lighter weights might inhibit your muscle growth. Notice that I said muscle growth, and not strength, because it’s likely that you will become just as strong using lighter weights on a stability ball as you would using heavier weights on a stable surface. The thing is, you got Body Beast because you wanted to get huge. I tend to think a stability ball will not produce the results you’re looking for, although I could be wrong on this. The bottom line is that the workbench is not absolutely necessary.

The EZ Curl bar can be eliminated if you just want to stick to dumbbells. The demonstrators will show you how to do each exercise using just dumbbells instead of the EZ Bar. You’ll probably get the same results if you don’t mind slightly tweaking the exercises.

The Chin-up bar can be switched out for high quality resistance bands.  I really don’t recommend doing this because the resistance bands can never match your body weight, but the modifications are included in the program if you need it. The Chin-Up bar is such a good deal that the only reason why you wouldn’t want to get one is because you don’t have a doorway to mount it.

That’s it. Believe it or not, you can get amazing Body Beast results just using these pieces of equipment. No need for a gym. Does Body Beast work? I can tell you from my experience that I have gained almost an inch on each arm and I’m only in week 4 of the program, so yeah, it’s been working for me. I will post more results in the future.

We’ve been sold on the idea that we need the global gyms with their fancy equipment to get great results, but this is a load of crap. If anything, these gyms have taken us away from what it means to be functional fit due to their reliance on machines. Body Beast will return you to the basics.

Beast up baby!

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  9. Sol Payor says:

    If your ultimate goal is strength training, the Weider fitness equipment that you may want to consider using is called a strength station. This strength training unit allows you to work on the abdominal muscles, chest, back, triceps and arms. It features a vertical knee raise station, dip station and a pull-up and push-up station .`,

    Check ya later

  10. Jeremy says:

    This was helpful. Especially your advice about how the stability ball requires you to use less weight. This is great for me because a friend of mine just gave me his body beast videos and I was concerned that I didn’t have dumbbells that were heavy enough. I think I can get away with just buying one extra pair for now, which is nice. I’m not overly concerned with building mass (although a little would be nice), I’m more concerned with building up some better all around strength. So your comments were exactly what I wanted to hear. Great article, thanks for sharing.

    • Khoa Nuyen says:

      Doing Body Beast with a stability ball will have the added effect of strengthen your core big time.

  11. long says:

    Why do you recommend standard over Olympic? Is there a huge difference?

  12. William says:

    So how many lbs of a dumbbell for 130 pounds like myself? Exercize ball, pull-up bar I can get. Dumbbell will be a problem. As well as nutrition.

  13. destiny says:

    well so far i think body beast sucks because i been calling customer service to track my order this is my eighth time each time ive waited at least 20 minutes longest one yet is an hour and today i waited a half an hour no one will help me and its kinda rude

  14. Dave says:

    Great article, very informative. I am currently on round 1 of P90x. 5 weeks left. The results are decent but not totally satisfied. But who is ever truly satisfied? I always expect just a bit more. My plan is to do a second round, upgrade to Body Beast & finish with P90x3 for an overall elite fitness level. My question is what should I expect to pay if I purchase Body Beast with all of their supplements? Will I have to buy additional supplements during the 90 days? If so how many times?

  15. Eric says:

    Getting beastly round the first of April nd its good to know what I’ll need so I can have it ready wen it gets here….can’t wait to get ripped nd look like the hulk.

  16. Kenny says:

    Informative article. Thank you

  17. Aj says:

    Very helpful. Thanks

  18. Lorri says:

    This is very helpful. I just finished build today. I am doing doubles with T25 and occasionally a triple with yoga, stretch, or other light dance workout in the am.

    Can you suggest a ball size for me. Currently on some of the moves there isn’t enough space between my knuckles and the ground.