Insanity Success Story (Rachel)

Rachel is one of the babe fitness demonstrators who appear in the Insanity program. She’s definitely not a waif type. You always see her putting out over 100% in every workout. That’s why she achieved such amazing results. No matter how fit you think you may be, there’s always room for improvement.  Rachel proves this point. She’s hardcore through and through. This makes her a hottie in my book. She looks even better in Insanity’s followup, the Asylum, which I will be reviewing in the near future (once I finish up the last phase of Les Mills PUMP.

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About Khoa Nuyen

Aging and feeling crummy are for people who don't know any better. If a middle aged dude with a sedentary job can get these results, you can too.
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3 Responses to Insanity Success Story (Rachel)

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  2. Bradley Cofer says:

    I’ve been doing insanity for about 3 weeks and it has been kicking my butt ! I do need motivation sometimes to get through the workouts . But I love it !!

    • Khoa Nuyen says:

      Insanity wears you out at the beginning for sure, but your second wind will kick in around week 5. All of a sudden, you will feel unstoppable.