Introducing Tai-Cheng

Tai-Cheng has arrived. It is BeachBody’s latest workout program that incorporates modern sports medicine with the ancient Chinese martial arts Tai-Chi. Unlike other workout programs which focus on building muscle, burning fat, increasing cardio endurance, etc., Tai-Cheng is about functional movement. It’s designed to help you better understand natural movement paths and your body’s center of gravity. In doing so, you will be able to improve all facets of athletic performance. It makes intuitive sense to me, because a more efficient machine is a better functioning machine almost by definition. Tai-Cheng will help you achieve efficiency in your movements because your body can be tuned and recalibrated like any other machine. Two years ago, I would have been dismissive of such a program because I thought Tai-Chi was only something old people do in their pajamas at the crack of dawn, but now with my increased awareness of fitness, I’m actually looking forward to trying it out. Stay tuned for more details.

About Khoa Nuyen

Aging and feeling crummy are for people who don't know any better. If a middle aged dude with a sedentary job can get these results, you can too.
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