Fitness Success Course Day 6–Kick the Excuses and Schedule Your Workouts

Why Schedule Your Workouts?

Welcome to Day 6 of Fitness Boot Camp. This article will be short because it involves a topic that most of us don’t have a lot of—TIME.

If you’re like me, you have a busy life. I work full time in addition to my blogging gig, and I have three young kids to raise. Time is a premium commodity for me.

So what is the No. 1 reason people give for not working out? Yeah, it’s the classic “I don’t have time” excuse. I call BS to this excuse. I have many of the same obligations, duties, and responsibilities as everyone else who claims they have no to time to work, yet I always get at least one hour of exercise six days per week. I also have the exact 24 hours that each person on earth is allotted each day. I don’t have a magical time fairy who stretches out my minutes for me so I can squeeze in more things.

Make Time or Make Excuses

schedule your workouts 7What’s the difference between me and everyone else who’s unhappy with their physical state? I don’t make excuses. I make time. That is, I use my time wisely. I don’t waste precious hours in the day vegetating in front of the TV. If there is a rare TV show I want to watch, it’s going to get recorded so I can view it at a time that’s convenient for me, not the advertisers on the show. I don’t fritter countless hours playing video games, although I would consider myself a huge video game fan. I don’t expend insane amounts of time on social media sites to engage in the latest social/political flame wars, or to discuss the latest personal drama of a celebrity I have never met or care to meet. People who claim that they have no time are ALMOST ALWAYS doing one or all of these things.

Because I make time to work out, I put it on my calendar. My daily workout is not a vague commitment to me. My workouts are scheduled. You schedule other commitments in your life, so why not schedule one of the most important commitments of all? An activity that can make a real difference to your health and fitness? If you had a meeting with your doctor, dentist, or boss, you would be sure to record that meeting on your calendar. Why not give a meeting with yourself the same level of priority?

Schedule Your Workouts and Commit to It

schedule your workouts 6When you schedule your workout, you know it’s something that needs to be done, and it needs to be done by a certain time. It’s a firm commitment. If it’s in writing, that’s even better. Your mind will not feel at ease until you have completed that task that you have assigned to yourself. Imagine the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment you will feel as you cross the workout off your To-Do list, or check the done box on your calendar. If you currently subscribe to the system of working out whenever you have time, you probably NEVER exercise. How’s that working out for you? You’re probably not happy with the state of your body, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

The bottom line is that if you want to achieve success with your fitness goals, schedule your workouts. Consider it a time investment in yourself. Give no less priority to your workout as you would to any other important event in your life. At the end of the day, if you still have time to watch TV, play video games, or goof around with your social media friends, go for it. If you’re doing these things before your workout, then don’t piss and moan about your lack of time.

It’s not just me who advocates scheduling your workouts. Tony Horton, who’s been working out for at least 20 years, still puts his daily workouts on a paper calendar. So does Chalene Johnson, one of Beachbody’s superstar trainers. Click on the link to watch her video.


The game plan for this article is simple—start putting your workouts on your daily calendar. Schedule your workouts!

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