Les Mills PUMP Trainer: Rachel

 Meet Rachel, Your Les Mills PUMP Trainer

Les Mills Pump Trainer RachelI wrote here that Les Mills PUMP is not a workout program that is based on any one personality, but a workout system. Les Mills PUMP is the home version of Les Mills BODYPUMP, which is taught in thousands of gyms around the world. That means, there are thousands of Les Mills BODYPUMP trainers who teach the system.

With Les Mills PUMP, Beachbody recruited the top BODYPUMP trainers to appear in this home workout program. These trainers are the best at what they do and it shows. Each one of them is incredibly good at motivating you to push for that one last rep to complete the track, even when you are experiencing full muscle failure (this will happen a lot). Although they all have different personalities, they are uniform in their dedication to their craft. I have nothing but respect for them because it is not easy to do what they do.

Today I’m going to introduce to you my favorite Les Mills PUMP trainer, Rachel. There are a lot of reasons why I like Rachel the most. For one, she’s smoking hot. That English/New Zealand accent she sports is charming as hell. For two, she’s totally badass in how hard she can train. And three, she’s able to motivate you to higher levels of badassery through the power of her example. When Rachel is in the house, you know that not only will you work hard, but you won’t even know it because you will also be having a lot of fun at the same time.

Fun. That’s the word. That’s Rachel’s training style in a nutshell. I don’t use that word lightly, because I’m not a “fun” person. I take my workouts very seriously. Maybe that’s why I’m immediately drawn to someone like Rachel who can get amazing results but have a good time doing it. Maybe I respect the fact that she’s busting her ass but still be upbeat about it. I know she’s busting her ass because she’s certainly busting mine. I think it’s cool that she is bubbly and happy through her pain and discomfort, while many people would just grunt and groan. Because Rachel makes it look easy, even though it’s not, she’s inspiring and motivational.

There’s a lot of style and enthusiasm that goes into teaching a fitness workout. Without the trainers like Rachel pushing you through each track, there would be very little life in the workouts. When Rachel is teaching a track, she fills it with own unique energy and style. You don’t notice what a difference she makes until you try doing it on your own.

Watch the Video of Trainer Rachel from Les Mills PUMP

I’m not sure the video below best captures Rachel’s training style or personality. But, she does give some useful advice for completing Les Mills PUMP. First, switch your mind off because it wants to stop. That’s true, because almost always, you will be in so much pain and discomfort at the middle of the track that you don’t want to continue. The beauty of Les Mills PUMP is that you don’t have to think about the reps or what you’re doing. Just follow along with each trainer and you will get a workout. You can literally shut your mind off and let your body do its thing.

The second thing is to keep going. Keep moving. One of the keys to success with Les Mills PUMP is time under tension, and the reps you do. As long as you continue, even if it means having to drop to a lighter weight, you will gain benefits.

Check out my article on the different Les Mills PUMP workouts here. Click this link to read my introduction to Les Mills PUMP. If you’re wondering if Les Mills PUMP is right for you, check out this article. Les Mills PUMP also dispels some common weight training myths. That that post can be found here. I compare Les Mills PUMP to P90X in this post. The Les Mills PUMP workout schedule can be downloaded here. Order a Les Mills PUMP workout kit at this site.

If you have additional questions about Les Mills PUMP, please feel free to contact me at buildahardbody@gmail.com or send me a Facebook private message. Let’s get the conversation started!

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2 Responses to Les Mills PUMP Trainer: Rachel

  1. Laurie says:

    I am a 52 yr old female 5″6″ 120#. I have been doing les mills pump at home for 2 mos. LOVE the workouts BUT my upper thighs have enlarged 1/2″ and my goal was to decrease by 1″. Doesn’t sound like much but my jeans feel awful. I am willing to do the workouts but am afraid to use more than 10# for fear of tighter jeans. Any suggestions??

    • Khoa Nuyen says:

      Hi Laurie,

      I don’t have your body fat percentage, so this response is VERY general.

      Have you lost any fat in your thighs? The fat in the thighs for women are often the last place to go. That means, you’re building muscle tone in your legs underneath the fat so they may appear bigger. Once the leg fat melts away, you’ll be left with toned legs. Like I said, this fat is the last to go, so you might have to put up with bigger legs for a little bit longer while the workout/nutrition plan does its job. Have faith and it will work. Most people will back off at this point because they’re afraid of getting bulky permanently, but it’s just a passing phase.

      My wife had the same fears as you before starting Les Mills Pump, but in her own words, “the more weight I add on, the more my legs shrink.” My wife does the legs track with 60-70 pounds. It knocks her out, but she likes the results 🙂 And no, she doesn’t have “skinny” legs.

      You should use the amount of weight that causes extreme discomfort to get the maximum results (no joking).