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After many months of a slow trickle, new information about Body Beast is rolling down the pipeline at a steady stream. As I discussed in this post on Body Beast, Beachbody will be introducing a new line of high quality mass gaining supplements to go along with the debut of the Body Beast in the summer of 2012.

We now have more details about what the supplements are called, and what they do. The first is Fuel Shot, a supplement to resupply your depleted energy stores after a tough workout. From the description, it seems to be a version of the P90X Results and Recovery formula. The second is Base Shake, a flavor-neutral protein powder made of whey isolate. Beachbody does not currently offer a unflavored protein powder, so I have been getting mine elsewhere. I don’t want artificial coloring or sweeteners in my system, so this new product is something I am very much interested in. The third is Max Creatine. I have used several cycles of Beachbody’s existing Creatine product and have been pleased with it so far. When I’m on a Creatine cycle, I do notice that my muscles appear more pumped than when I’m not. I’m sure most of it is water retention, but it’s good looking water as far as I’m concerned. The last Body Beast supplement is Super Suma. It’s supposed to naturally boost your testosterone production. Testosterone is the male hormone that tells your muscles to grow, so if this product works then I’ll be very interested indeed.

Body Beast Is About Safe and Effective Training

Body Beast promises to be a program that emphasizes natural and safe muscle development. The new line of Body Beast supplements are in keeping with this philosophy. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Beachbody. All their fitness programs have been about results from consistent and hard training. Not shortcuts or gimmicks. I have never been a muscle head in my entire life, but Body Beast may be the program to convince me to put a bit of mass gaining in my training.

For more information, read my previous post on Body Beast here, or check out the official Body Beast webpage. That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more info! Check out the video below for more awesome moto and to learn about Body Beast supplements.

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