My P90X2 Results

My P90X2 Results: Breaking Through Plateaus

I wasn’t in a hurry to share my P90X2 results. Not because I wasn’t happy with them, because I am more than thrilled. I am just not happy with my “before” photos. I’m pissed that I let myself get bloated. I have to keep it real and admit that I got sloppy with my nutrition right before starting P90X2. I was ripped after two rounds of P90X, but the plateau effect started creeping into my workouts. I was consistent with them, and rarely missed a workout. However, they became too easy for me and I wasn’t trying too hard to find ways to intensify. For instance, I could’ve added additional weight, done more reps, or completed the workouts at a faster pace. The truth is I did none of these things because I got too comfortable with my P90X routines.

My P90X2 results (before-after)

Hitting a plateau was not my only problem. I also stopped tracking my nutrition as closely as I had previously done. Although I was eating “clean,” and avoiding most processed food, it’s still possible to gain weight if I am consuming more calories than what I was burning, regardless of how clean my nutrition was. My biggest problem when it comes to fitness is my sedentary job. My work keeps me glued to my chair in front of the computer pretty much the whole day, so I really have to be careful about what I eat and how much because I don’t have much opportunity to burn off calories. My workouts are pretty much the only time I have to turn up the metabolism furnace.

My P90X2 results (before-after)

I’ll dispense with the excuses now. The bottom line is that I was not following my own advice when it comes to working out and tracking my nutrition. It’s easy to get lulled into a pattern, and before you know it, bad habits start multiplying. The reality is that it’s very difficult to stay ripped 365 days out of the year. It takes a lot of discipline to always be vigilant about what you eat, and to work out with 100% intensity ALL THE TIME. That is what it takes to get ripped, and to stay ripped. What motivates me to keep going is that others look to me for advice and guidance, and even inspiration, so I feel a responsibility to walk the walk. I cannot in good conscience offer advice that I don’t follow myself.

P90X2 Inspired Me to Get the Best Results Possible

P90X2 came out at exactly the right time. It was what I needed to jump start myself to reach for the brass ring of fitness again. The workouts were fun, challenging, and full of variety. Read my post on the P90X2 workouts here, and my in-depth review of all the workouts here.   It’s really important to keep your workouts varied because boredom is your greatest enemy when it comes to exercise. Boredom leads to lack of interest, lack of interest leads to dropping workouts, dropping workouts leads to. . .becoming a lardass. P90X2 has the most variety of any workout program. It is the last word on variety.

I love P90X2 and the results it produced. It is my all time favorite workout program. More than P90X, Insanity, Les Mills Pump, and even Body Beast, which I’m doing now. With P90X2, I was able to break through several personal plateaus physically and mentally. When I completed the P90X2, I really felt as if I was the strongest I have ever been in my life. My core turned into a cast-iron corset around my midsection. I understood so much better what it means to be functionally fit. I could jump higher, farther, and faster than ever before. I could lift heavier because I was able to transfer more power from my core to the rest of my body. My muscles had more endurance than ever (I went from being able to do 27 consecutive chin-ups to 33). I’m looking forward to doing another round of P90X2 as soon as I’m done with Body Beast and Insanity: The Asylum (unless Beachbody introduces another workout program).

I don’t think my P90X2 results were out of the ordinary. Many people I know who did the program reported the exact same type of results. Check out my post on other P90X2 results here. I can say with confidence that if you follow the program and watch your nutrition, you will be amazed at what your body looks like afterwards. You’ll be amazed at what your body can do as well. A well tuned machine.

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