P.A.P. Results in Action

How did Jeremy Evans, the 2012 Slam Dunk Champion, develop so much explosive power in his legs?  P.A.P. training, baby.  The same kind of training you get in Phase III of P90X2.  Can we say cutting edge sports training technology in your living room? I managed to gain about 4-5 inches in my vertical leap at the end of P90X2, and I’m not even a professional athlete.

Want someone to guide you through this workout? Click on the link above to purchase P90X2 and I will automatically be assigned as your personal coach (without any additional cost to you). I can help maximize your results, keep you motivated, provide accountability, make suggestions, and offer encouragement. You won’t be working out alone!

About Khoa Nuyen

Aging and feeling crummy are for people who don't know any better. If a middle aged dude with a sedentary job can get these results, you can too.
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