P90X vs. Gyms

P90X vs. Gyms?

The choice between the two is easy for me.  Read my in depth post on P90X vs. Gyms, and how I achieved extreme fitness at home without stepping into a gym. Frankly, I stopped going to the gym many years ago and never looked back. Money was one of my reasons.  Those membership fees were going up every year.  I started having a debate about P90X vs. Gyms over two years ago when I saw my first P90X infomercial. Now, that debate is over and I don’t pay anyone in order to workout. It is great being able to put the cash into my pocket instead of a faceless globocorporation that couldn’t care less about my fitness. The best thing is that I got better results at home than at the gym.  If you haven’t yet discovered the magic of P90X and are still a gym slave, check out the hilarious video below.

What? You’re still making up your mind about P90X vs. Gyms?

Do you recognize yourself in any of these people in the video? Or, are you sick of dealing with gym clowns when all you want to do is work out? If yes, then stop having this debate about P90X vs. Gyms and become one of the tens of thousands of people who have gotten ripped after dumping their gym memberships.  Even Lance Armstrong’s Live Strong blog has taken a position on the P90X vs. Gyms question.

P90X vs. Gyms
Did you enjoy reading P90X vs. Gyms? If yes, please click on the link above to purchase P90X.  It helps to support this blog and I will automatically be assigned as your personal coach (without any additional cost to you). I can help maximize your results, keep you motivated, provide accountability, make suggestions, and offer encouragement. You won’t be working out alone!

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