P90X2 Results

P90X2 Results: Building a Better Fitness Program

I’ve written here that P90X is not a muscle building program. It is a general fitness program that just happens to emphasize resistance training. You can certainly use P90X to build a muscular physique (as many P90X grads have done), but that’s not what the program is primarily designed to do. The same can be said for P90X2. In fact, Tony Horton has flat-out stated that his goal for P90X2’s was to move the fitness bar even higher. It is no longer about losing weight, getting fit, or building a six-pack. The focus of P90X2 is to improve athletic performance. To get you to jump higher, run further, and move faster. P90X2 will make you more agile and sprightly by strengthening the center of all movement–your core.

I feel the introduction is necessary because some people might have a different understanding of what P90X2 is about. P90X2 is definitely not more of what you saw in P90X. While P90X2 continues to emphasize resistance training, the type of workouts you will be doing are worlds apart from what you may be used to. To get a better idea of what to expect, read my in-depth reviews of the P90X2 workouts.

I have a lot of love and respect for P90X2 because it was the program that helped me push through some long-term plateaus. I got stronger, faster, and leaner with the program. P90X2’s emphasis on core strengthening exercises helped me to develop a cast-iron corset around my midsection that allowed me to perform better overall. I used to have lower back pain and discomfort when I pushed myself too hard with running or doing high-impact workouts such as Insanity. After just one round of P90X2, they went away for good. Now my core is rock solid. If you looked at my six-pack before P90X2, you might have thought that my core was already well developed. Not so, because I have learned that having a powerful core is much, much more than just sporting chiseled abs.

Keep this in mind when you look at the gallery of results the folks below achieved with P90X2. They may not look any different than someone who did P90X, but that’s only because you can’t measure strength, agility, and athleticism with a stationary photo. The bottom line is that you can get ripped with P90X2 the same way you could with P90X, but you will also become more athletic in the process.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect with P90X2

With P90X2, you can expect enhanced performance in almost every facet of your physical fitness. Yes, you will lose weight, get fitter, and probably develop a six-pack from doing the program, but the results that aren’t so visible are even more dramatic. You will become even stronger than before because your core will be able to support the extra exertion. You will be faster because your muscles will have been trained to combine explosiveness with power. You will be more agile because your more powerful core can start and stop your body on a dime. Again, the name of the game is increased athletic performance. P90X2 will take you to the next training level and unlock strength, agility, and balance you didn’t know you had.

Jedidiah's P90X2 results

Jedidiah’s P90X2 results

Ashley's P90X2 results

Ashley’s P90X2 results

Jonathan's P90X2 results

Jonathan’s P90X2 results

Madison's P90X2 results

Madison’s P90X2 results

Yvonne's P90X2 results

Yvonne’s P90X2 results

Mike's P90X2 results

Mike’s P90X2 results

Tony's P90X2 results

Tony’s P90X2 results

Lenny's P90X2 results

Lenny’s P90X2 results

Dianne's P90X2 results

Dianne’s P90X2 results

I completed P90X2 several months ago. Since then, I have moved on to Les Mills Pump and now Body Beast. I can’t wait to do another round of P90X2 because it is the program that really brought home the true meaning of fitness. If you want to know more about P90X2, feel free to email me at buildahardbody@gmail.com, or send me a private Facebook message. I love to hear from my readers!

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