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P90X2 workouts in phasesIntroduction to the P90X2 Workouts

This article about the P90X2 workouts is for anyone who is a P90X grad and can’t get enough of the X. P90X2 will give you more of everything you love about P90X. More muscle confusion, more variety, more fun, more functional fitness, and more workouts that will tune your body to a high performance machine.

If you were a broken down car, P90X got you in running condition and fixed all the body panels so that they look great.

The P90X2 workouts will take you to the next level by giving your brand new fuel injectors, turbo chargers, and high performance brakes and shocks. After a round of P90X2, you will be a certified hot rod.

P90X2 is probably my favorite workout program of all time. It’s not just about strength training, losing weight, or getting a firm ass. It’s about training your body in a way so that it performs better. If you want to jump higher, lift harder, and develop more muscular endurance, P90X2 is the program for you.

It takes a super scientific approach to training and incorporates cutting edge sports science that was previously only available to elite professional athletes.  When I completed my first round of P90X2, I was probably the strongest I have ever been in my life. At 43 years old, I was able to do things that my younger self could only dream of. As far as I’m concerned, the P90X2 workouts are the last word in a home based program that develops functional fitness. That is, until Tony Horton comes out with P90X3. There’s a rumor that it is in development now. I can tell you that I will be one of the first persons in line for P90X3 if it is anything like P90X2.

Wondering which is better for you? Check out this video of Tony Horton explaining the difference between P90X and P90X2:

The P90X2 workouts are done within three phases of the program: foundation, strength, and performance. In Phase 1, you will be laying the foundation on which the rest of the program will follow. Get Phase 1 right, and you will find greater success overall in P90X2. By first strengthening your muscular and skeletal systems, you’ll have a platform to get stronger. Phase 2 focuses on strength training and further developing what you have learned in Phase I. By increasing your strength, similar to the way you did in P90X, you will lay the groundwork for improving performance. Phase 3 ties everything together. The foundation you developed in Phase 1 and the strength you built up in Phase 2 will be put to the test in Phase 3. You will be trained using moves and techniques that are state-of-the-art.  Phase 3 is about mastering performance, and training that will help you move and look more like an athlete. In just 90 days, your body will be transformed. Again.

This is only a quick introduction to the workouts to give you an idea of the variety of workouts that P90X2 includes. I have written an in-depth review of almost each P90X2 workout. Read them here.

The Phase 1 P90X2 Workouts

X2 Core. X2 Core is about using instability to help create core strength and improve your movement patterns. Say hello to your new best friend, the stability ball. Ever since X2 Core introduced me to this fantastic fitness device, it has been a major part of my life.

Plyocide. Death by jumping. Plyocide combines traditional explosive movements and coordination drills to help increase your speed, power, and endurance. Makes Plyometrics look tame.

X2 Recovery + Mobility. X2 Recovery + Mobility enhances recovery, forcing your body to realign by using stretching and foam rolling for myofascial release. You can’t train hard all the time. The gains are made in the rest periods.

X2 Total Body. X2 Total Body combines resistance and instability in compound movements to ensure that your body uses the correct muscles in the given movement. Be prepared to be humbled. However, once you have mastered this workout, be prepared to be powerful.

X2 Yoga. X2 Yoga will help increase isometric power, improve your range of motion, and build vital stabilizer muscle strength. Those smaller muscles which provide stability to your frame are just as important if you want maximum strength and power.

X2 Balance + Power. X2 Balance + Power will teach you to transmit your core engagement to other parts of your body, improving your alignment and stability. All strength power flows through your core. Without a well developed core as a base of movement, you will never be able to reach your full strength potential.

The Phase 2 P90X2 Workouts

Chest + Back + Balance. Chest + Back + Balance uses the same level of amazing resistance you found in P90X Chest & Back, with an added balance component that helps make your strength gains astonishing. Your core, chest, and back will never receive a better workout anywhere. Period.

X2 Shoulders + Arms. X2 Shoulders + Arms will help keep shoulders and arms strong and in balance, and looking great in sleeveless shirts. These are the glamour muscles. Even though P90X2 is about functional fitness and not glamour, it doesn’t neglect the fact that you need to look like an athlete.

Base + Back. Base + Back is a pull-up and plyo profusion that’ll leave you swimming in sweat. Probably one of the toughest workouts that Tony Horton ever put on DVD.

In Phase 2, in addition to the above exercises, you will also be doing X2 Yoga, X2 Recovery + Mobility, and X2 Ab Ripper.

The Phase 3 P90X2 Workouts

P.A.P. Lower. P.A.P. Lower uses Complex Training to increase your power and explosive strength, helping to reduce your chance of getting injured. Want to jump higher, farther, and faster? This is the workout to get your there.

P.A.P. Upper. P.A.P. Upper uses Post-Activation Potentiation, a cutting-edge technique that translates to improved athletic performance. It’s all about pushing your upper body to its limits. You will feel every minute of this workout.

X2 Ab Ripper. X2 Ab Ripper takes you through a series of some of the most effective core movements ever, changing your concept of what an ab workout should be. Not just about having a six-pack. It’s more about developing a cast iron corset around your midsection.

The P90X2 Additional Workouts

X2 Chest + Shoulders + Tris. X2 Chest + Shoulders + Tris uses creative forms of instability to make your pushing muscles function better than ever before.

V Sculpt. V Sculpt works the back and biceps, from an athletic stance, to create strength gains applicable to real-world movements.

The Additional P90X2 workouts are yours if you purchase a Deluxe P90X2 kit. They are also available for purchase separately.

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