Body Beast Results: Long Term Results

Body Beast

Body Beast Results: What Results Can You Expect Long Term? I’ve written  here and here about some Body Beast results that real dudes have achieved from doing the workout program for 90 days. In response to my posts, some people have emailed me to say that they weren’t too impressed with the results. They say that they didn’t see too … Continue reading

Insanity Max Recovery Review

Insanity Max Recovery Review

Insanity Max Recovery: Yoga + Shaun T = Insanity If you have any questions about this review of Insanity Max Recovery, contact me at Insanity Max Recovery First Impressions This is the “recovery” workout for Month 2 of Insanity. You will do this workout once each week for at least four weeks. It’s 47 minutes of low impact cardio. … Continue reading

Recovery Done Right: 8 Ways to Prevent Muscle Soreness

By Kara Wahlgren Aching after a brutal workout? Delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) can make you feel the burn while your muscles recover and rebuild. But, if you take the right steps after your workout, you can go hard without paying the price. Here are 8 easy ways to prevent postworkout pain. Stretch. Stretching is your first line of defense after … Continue reading

Download the P90X iPhone App for FREE (Limited Time Only)

P90X iPhone App

P90X iPhone App Is Now FREE (For a Limited Time Only) I just wanted to post a quick note to let you know that the P90X app for the iPhone is FREE for a limited time only. No news on when this offer will end (could be tomorrow or next week or who knows?), so download your copy TODAY. You … Continue reading

Insanity Pure Cardio Review

Insanity Pure Cardio Review

Insanity Pure Cardio: What the F*ck!? If you have any questions about Insanity Pure Cardio, contact me at Insanity Pure Cardio First Impressions Because Insanity Pure Cardio is only 38 minutes, you know the pace is going to be ridiculous. The title says it all—Pure Cardio. Unlike other Insanity routines, this one is not about high intensity interval training. … Continue reading

P90X Success Story (Joel)

P90X Success Story: Seeing Results Come Fast Joel’s Fitness Journey began like many others (including yours truly). He just got sick and tired of the condition he had found himself in. He was tired of being out of breath. Tired of having to suck in his stomach in order to button his size 38 pants. Tired of having out of … Continue reading