How to Improve Your Pullups

Pullups are one of the best upper body strength exercises.  It works your core, shoulders, arms, and back at the same time.  If you’re someone who has trouble with pullups or chinups, the ChinUp Max is a great tool that will blow the doors open for you. This thing is a real game changer for folks looking to improve their pullups. With all the crazy moves in P90X and P90X2, pullups can get brutal. Sometimes a little helping hand is all you need to get better.  Many of the demonstrators in P90X2 use the ChinUp Max to finish their sets. It is way more effective and less clumsy than the “chair assist” because it can be adjusted to your exact needs. You can raise and lower the resistance for when you need less or more assistance. Brilliant! You can now really push yourself while at the same time maintaining good pullup form. I highly recommend this piece of gear. My wife has been using it and she loves it almost as much as her foam roller.

Check out the video below to see how the ChinUp Max works:

Order the ChinUp Max from TeamBeachBody here.

    • It’s a great tool. I wish it had been around two years ago when I first started P90X.

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