Exercise and the Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth

Exercise Is the Fountain of Youth For years, we have been told by people in the medical field that you can’t do much about your genetic makeup. You are what you are and that’s just the way it is. You’ll grow old the same way your parents did.  As with most all common beliefs, it turns out this one is … Continue reading

Booze Bust: Can Exercise and Alcohol Go Hand in Hand?

By Collette DeBenedetto Summer (aka drinking) season is upon us—sun, fun, barbecues, and brewskis with your broskis. Ah, the good life. But with shirts off, where are you going to hide the burgers and beer? You wouldn’t think of telling your buddies that you’re passing up the booze to watch your weight because, let’s be honest, you were Spring Break King … Continue reading