P90X2 Results

P90X2 Results: Building a Better Fitness Program I’ve written here that P90X is not a muscle building program. It is a general fitness program that just happens to emphasize resistance training. You can certainly use P90X to build a muscular physique (as many P90X grads have done), but that’s not what the program is primarily designed to do. The same … Continue reading

Is Les Mills PUMP Right for You?

Who Can Benefit from Les Mills Pump I just finished a 90-day round of Les Mills PUMP, so I know the program very well. In the future, I will be posting more detailed reviews of each of the workouts which make up Les Mills PUMP. For now, I am sharing my general thoughts about the program. I will say that … Continue reading

Body Beast Results (Jeff)

Body Beast Results: Hope for Hardgainers The popular definition of a “hardgainer” is a person who works out hard with weights to build his body, but has a hard time putting on muscle. Weeks or months of consistent weight training will only produce minimal results. A hardgainer can’t easily develop muscle size, and the most he can expect from his … Continue reading