Is Body Beast right for you?

Who Can Benefit from Body Beast Are you ready to get BIG and do whatever it takes? If just the sound of the word BIG gets you pumped up, then you could be the perfect candidate for Body Beast. Although Body Beast is a muscle building program, I’m not going to approach it with any preconceived notions about what it … Continue reading

Body Beast Results (Jeff)

Body Beast Results: Hope for Hardgainers The popular definition of a “hardgainer” is a person who works out hard with weights to build his body, but has a hard time putting on muscle. Weeks or months of consistent weight training will only produce minimal results. A hardgainer can’t easily develop muscle size, and the most he can expect from his … Continue reading

Body Beast Sneak Peek Video

Body Beast Breaking News! Holy smokes!  You gotta check out this video of Beachbody’s latest workout program, Body Beast. It is designed for bodybuilders and guys who want to get HUGE. The trainer, Sagi Kalev, reminds me of a jacked up version of Tony Horton, and I mean that in a good way. He seems like an excellent motivator. I’m … Continue reading

Coming Soon: Body Beast

Body Beast Coming in Summer 2012 Say this in your lowest, raspiest baritone voice with a Teutonic accent: Body Beast.  Did you scare yourself? If yes, then read no further because this is the name of Beachbody’s (the folks who unleashed P90X and P90X2) latest workout program, and it might not be for you if you’re the nervous waif type.  Body Beast is scheduled to be released in “summer 2012.” Some … Continue reading