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If you’re looking for a reason to get fit, how about cold hard cash?  Or possibly a trip to Vegas or Hawaii or other fun places?  Take The Beachbody Challenge™ for the motivation you need to get fit.  This is no ordinary contest because anyone can win.  You don’t have to come in “first”, or lose the most weight, or have the most ripped body.  Really, you’re just competing against yourself.  Can you set your mind to the goal of transforming your body and your life, and achieve it?  The best part is that even if you are not the $100,000 grand prize winner, you’ll still win just for having tried.  The chances of winning are pretty good because a cash prize of $500 is awarded daily.  Also, anyone who enters gets a FREE T-shirt.  Check out the video below for last year’s winner.  Makes me motovated to see how far these folks came to get to be part of the winners’ circle.

Get in the best shape of your life AND win cash and other great prizes?  How easy can this get? Enter BeachBody’s health and fitness contest to help you achieve your fitness goals and give you a chance to WIN some serious cash. If you want to get fit, now is the time to do it.

You Can Win Over $100,000!

  • Daily prizes:  $500
  • Monthy prizes:  $1000
  • Quarterly prizes:  $5000 and an expenses-paid trip
  • Grand prize:  $100,000

Use any Beachbody® program and share your results for a FREE T-shirt and a chance to win over $100,000! help you achieve your fitness goals.  You can’t win if you don’t enter.  For additional details and contest rules, click on the link below.


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Aging and feeling crummy are for people who don't know any better. If a middle aged dude with a sedentary job can get these results, you can too.
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