Sugar Is a Habit Worth Dropping

Even before I saw this segment, I had already cut out my sugar consumption.  No candy, no sweeteners, no soda, and certainly no high fructose corn syrup.  It was a shock to my system at first because I used to be a chocoholic, but now, I feel so much better.  The great thing is that when I do eat sweets on occasion, I enjoy it much more because my taste buds are no longer desensitized to sugar.  Also, fruit taste so much sweeter and more delicious because I am now accustomed to their natural sweetness.

If you don’t think you eat a lot of sugar, think again. The average American eats about five POUNDS of sugar each month. It’s in your soft drinks, hamburger buns, condiments like Ketchup, sauces, “healthy” foods like granola, salad dressing, breakfast cereals, sports drinks, etc. Just because something doesn’t taste sweet doesn’t mean it doesn’t have sugar. The manufacturers just mask the sweetness with saltines or fat. Unless you’re eating something you made from scratch, sugar or its more prevalent cousin high fructose corn syrup, is probably present. Read the labels and see for yourself. That’s why I try to only eat things that don’t have labels, such as fresh fruit, vegetables, and water. The rule of thumb is easy to remember: If it’s made in a plant, it probably has sugar.

The segment features a study done by a nutritional researcher, who found that a diet comprised of only 25% of sugar from calories can have a measurable effect of blood LDL cholesterol levels. This is the type of bad cholesterol that has been linked to coronary disease. The research she performs on subjects, where they are isolated and everything they eat is monitored and weighed, is considered the gold standard for such types of research. It yields the most reliable results because it is done under controlled conditions. Because it can get very expensive, these types of experiments are rare.

The bottom line is that a diet high in sugar (the standard American diet or SAD) is linked to heart disease, diabetes, addiction, and cancer. Not pretty stuff. Enjoy the video and I hope that it will effect your life for the better.

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Aging and feeling crummy are for people who don't know any better. If a middle aged dude with a sedentary job can get these results, you can too.
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2 Responses to Sugar Is a Habit Worth Dropping

  1. Quynh says:

    Sugar is addictive. I find that once I get into eating chocolate and stuff, I want more. Been working on eliminating that out of my diet.