Train Like an Olympian With Insanity: the Asylum

Train Like an Olympian with Insanity: The Asylum

Insanity: The Asylum Train Like an OlympianInsanity: The Asylum, Vol. 2 is just around the corner. In about another week, it will be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. I wrote about it here. In the meantime, however, there’s still Insanity: The Asylum, Vol. 1. This will be my next workout, I swear, once I’m done with Body Beast. I think I’m going to need Asylum, because all those extra calories I’ve been eating to build mass has taken a toll on my midsection. I don’t have as much ab definition as I used to, so I expect Shaun T and his unholy creation will return me back to my former glory.

I used to be one of those people who think that home workout programs are a joke. I was a workout snob and couldn’t see how something you could do at home could give you decent results. My attitude grew out of the cheesy workout programs which were popular in the 1980’s. P90X changed my mind real quick. I’m a firm believer now that a home workout program can be as effective, or even more so, than one you do at the gym.

For folks who still think that a home workout program is frou-frou, they probably have never tried Insanity.  If you really want to have your preconceptions demolished, try Insanity: The Asylum. I’m going to state for the record that this workout is a monster. You really have to be in almost Olympic caliber shape do complete it with a high level of proficiency. I know people who say they’ve “done” Asylum, but putting it in your DVD player and going through the motions is not doing Asylum in my book. You better go all out like Shaun T and the fitness demonstrators. To get the full Asylum experience, you better be on the verge of puking. I’m not even joking about this.

Check of the Insanity: The Asylum Video Featuring Olympian Apolo Ohno.

Insanity: The Asylum is how 8-time Olympian Apolo Ohno stays in shape. I’ve seen some of his workouts while he was training for Olympic competitions and the dude is a beast. Therefore, when he says that the workouts offered by Insanity: The Asylum is world class, I believe him. Hell, I believe him because I’ve tried some of them and they are ass-kickers in ALL CAPS. This is probably one of the reasons why I’ve been putting off doing Insanity: The Asylum. More than any other, I fear this workout. I am an extremely competitive person when it comes to fitness, so I do not plan on getting my ass kicked, at least not without putting up a death match first.

So, in about four weeks or so, my Insanity: The Asylum journey will begin. The program is only 30 days long, but I know from my past experience with Shaun T, I will feel every one of those days without exception.

I remember sitting in the audience with other Team Beachbody coaches when this video debuted. It pretty much electrified everyone. It just made us want to get up and work out our asses off. Watching it again today, I still feel the same way.

I am really lucky sometimes to be a Team Beach Body Coach. There are so many workout programs in the Beach Body catalog to choose from. I’ve been doing a new workout every three months. Insanity: The Asylum is up next. I swear. 🙂

If you haven’t been committed to the Asylum yet, order your copy now. You will not be able to do Vol. 2 unless you have graduated from Vol. 1. Those are the rules.

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