Unleash the Beast! Body Beast Is Here!

Body Beast is here“The harder your work, the faster your muscles will grow.”—Sagi Kalev

Get Ready to Transform Your Body with Body Beast

Almost six months after I first wrote about Body Beast here, it is now available for purchase. If you want to get big—I mean Beastly big—Body Beast is the program for you. If you’re afraid of hard work, then don’t bother. Also, this is a clean program, so there won’t be any magic pills if you get my drift. But, if you have both the desire and the willpower, here’s how you can transform your body over the next three months. I am so stoked to start Body Beast, but I have four more weeks left of Les Mills Pump (which I love by the way), and after that, four weeks of a cardio cycle with Insanity Asylum (which has been waiting for me since January).

Body Beast is the creation of former Israeli army vet and bodybuilder Sagi Kalev. Sagi has been sculpting his body since the age of 16. He relied upon his years of personal trial and error, as well as his degree in physical education and nutrition to develop the Body Beast program that will help you get results beyond what you’ve ever imagined possible. I have met Sagi in person and the dude definitely walks the walk. I don’t consider myself a scrawny person by any stretch, but I was puny next to him. I don’t necessarily want to get as huge as Sagi, but a little extra size on my frame won’t damage my ego. Sagi mentioned that one of his goals in developing the program is to help hardgainers do what they haven’t been able before–build clean muscle mass.

Are you ready to awaken that Beast inside you? When you begin Body Beast, there are a few training principles which will become part of your life. Get results with…

Dynamic Set Training

Sagi took the best of old-school bodybuilding and combined it with cutting-edge sports science to develop Dynamic Set Training™ that will fatigue your muscles more than you ever thought possible with Single Sets, Super Set, Giant Sets, Progressive Sets, Drop Sets, Tempo Sets, and more. In return, your muscles reward you by getting huge. More pain, more gain, baby.

An Intense Training Schedule

So that you can follow the program that fits your needs, Sagi created two different training schedules. If you only care about getting big, follow the Huge Beast schedule.

If you have fat to lose, follow the Lean Beast schedule. This schedule incorporates more cardio workouts so you can shed the fat covering your growing muscles. Just know that both 12-week schedules are hard, so don’t feel like you’re taking the easy way out if you go through “Lean Beast” first. Each workout will be an intense 45-60 minutes.

Proper Feeding of the Beast

If you really want to see results, you need to eat right. I’ve said many times now that nutrition is key. In order to change your body composition to what you want, you have to change what you eat. Within the Book of Beast, Sagi will walk you through a nutrition plan that combines healthy meals with key supplements so you can build big, strong muscles naturally.

Stay Tuned for More Body Beast Updates…

Watch my blog for more info on Body Beast in the future. Click here to read my intro to Body Beast. Follow this link to go to Beachbody’s official Body Beast page.

I’m all in on this program. My situation right now is that I love working out, and I love trying new programs. I also finish everything that I start. So, I’m not ready to begin Body Beast just yet because I’m in the middle of a training cycle. If you are ready, don’t wait for me. Get your copy of Body Beast by clicking on the link below.

Order Body Beast by clicking the banner below.

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