What’s Does Each P90X2 Package Come With?

What's Included in Each P90X2 PackageWhat’s Included With Each P90X2 Package?

Tony Horton’s legendary corny jokes, and an amazing workout system that will blow your mind. That’s what comes with each P90X2 kit. If you are a P90X or Insanity grad and you’re looking for another challenge, keep reading. I did one round of P90X2 when it first came out over ten months ago, and it is still my favorite workout program of all time. Unfortunately for me, Beachbody has so many different programs that I have to test that I haven’t gotten around to doing another round of P90X2. 🙂

When I do a fitness program, I go all in. I complete it full, following the nutrition guides and the workout schedules. I don’t just view the DVDs, do a workout once, and write about it. I use my body as a testing platform to ensure that the program does what it’s supposed to do. I give the program the respect it deserves by following its guidelines as closely as possible.

That’s why I can recommend without hesitation P90X2 to anyone who’s looking for that edge in their performance. P90X2 is the program if you want to jump higher, get stronger, increase your agility, and improve your overall conditioning. Ready to push yourself beyond your limits again? Let’s check out the different P90X2 kits to see which one will best fit your needs.

P90X2 Base Package

P90X2 Base Package_100x170The P90X2 Base Package includes twelve workouts in eleven DVDs which focus on your core strength, agility, and athletic performance, the P90X2 Fitness Guide, and the P90X2 Nutrition Guide (which can be purchased separately for $39.95). It also comes with Tony Horton’s “How to Bring It Again” DVD, where he motivates you into the right mindset to do the workouts, and a 90-day Workout Calendar.

Everyone who orders through my blog will receive 2 bonus workouts from the “ONE ON ONE” series (ONE ON ONE 4 Legs and ONE ON ONE Upper Body Balance), a $40 value.

The P90X2 Base Package is a great bargain, but only includes includes the bare minimum for you to get started. It doesn’t include the recommended equipment such as the foam roller, stability ball, and the medicine balls. As you begin doing P90X2, you’ll realize that the recommended gear is actually mandatory if you want to get the full benefits of the program. If you try to purchase the recommended gear on your own at a later time, you will probably find that you would’ve saved time and money if you had purchased them in one of the other packages.

I’m not trying to push a more expensive package on you, I’m just saying that doing P90X2 without the recommended equipment will put you at a huge disadvantage.

For an additional cash outlay, you can order P90X2 in Blu-Ray discs. I don’t have the Blu-Ray version, so I cannot discuss its quality. I’m not sure why you would want to order it, unless you have a great desire to see every bead of sweat on Tony’s brow. To my knowledge, P90X2 is the only workout program that Beachbody offers on Blu-Ray.

P90X2 Deluxe Package

P90x2 Deluxe Package_100x170The P90X2 Deluxe Package is the next level up. In addition to what is already included in the Base Package, you will receive several important pieces of equipment: a stability ball, two 8-pound medicine balls, and a foam roller. The Deluxe Package contains two advanced workouts V Sculpt, and Chest + Shoulders + Triceps, which are available for purchase for $59.85. Don’t forget that if you order through my blog, two additional bonus DVD workouts (ONE ON ONE 4 Legs and ONE ON ONE Upper Body Balance) is yours at no additional cost.

I think the Deluxe Package makes the most sense. You get everything you need to do the P90X2 program as intended (minus the weights and pullup bar). If you already have the P90X2 Base Package and you want to upgrade it to the Deluxe level, you can order the P90X2 Deluxe Package Upgrade.

P90X2 Ultimate Package

P90X2 Ultimate Package_100x170The P90X2 Ultimate Package is for people who are truly serious about getting outstanding results. While it requires the greatest initial cash outlay, in the end, it’s actually the best bargain. In addition to what is already included in the Deluxe Package, you will also get Tony Horton’s Power stands. The Rumble Roller is substituted for the smooth foam roller. The Deluxe Package contains two advanced workouts V Sculpt, and Chest + Shoulders + Triceps, which are available for purchase for $59.85. Don’t forget that if you order through my blog, two additional bonus DVD workouts (ONE ON ONE 4 Legs and ONE ON ONE Upper Body Balance) is yours at no additional cost.

Already have the P90X2 Base Package and want to upgrade it to the Ultimate level? You can order the P90X2 Ultimate Package Upgrade.

P90X2 Challenge Pack

P90x2 Challenge Pack_100x170The P90X2 Challenge Pack comes with everything that’s included in the P90X2 Base Package, and includes a month’s supply of Shakeology as well as a FREE 30-day trial membership to the Team Beachbody Club, where you’ll have access to trainer tips, downloads, personalized nutrition plans, and a network of fitness freaks who are eager to help you on your fitness journey. All Beachbody Challenge Packs come with FREE shipping, and is a good way to get your monthly supply of Shakeology without the hassle of having to order it and paying for shipping each month. This will save you time and money in the end (you’ll wind up saving about $15 each month). Ask me how you can save even more money by signing up to become a Team Beachbody Coach.

My Experience With the Stability Ball, Tony Horton Power Stands, and Medicine Ball

I’m not trying to push extra products on anyone, but in case you’re curious, this is my $.02 on the stability ball, Tony Horton Power Stands, and the Medicine Ball. The stability ball is a great investment. It is premium grade. By this, the material is thicker than other stability balls on the market. This is necessary because in some P90X2 exercises, you are required to place your entire weight onto the stability ball. The last thing you want is for it to burst or collapse on you. I have a stability ball from a different manufacturer that I bought from a sporting goods store. Even though this other stability ball was not cheap, it is obvious that the quality of the Beachbody product is superior. It feels more substantial and can better support your weight. Plus, it is “stickier” so provides a better grip for the balance exercises.

The Tony Horton Power Stands are also a good buy. I used lesser pushup stands for a year before giving in and purchasing these bad boys. What’s makes them so good? The base is circular and is almost a foot wide. That means they won’t ever collapse on you as you do a pushup (especially in the wide grip position) or a Pike press or even a handstand. The grips are huge, so your hands don’t turn into claws after several rounds of pushups.

I like the medicine balls as well. They are about the size of basketballs, but much heftier. They have a rubber coating that is textured, so you can more easily balance yourself on them without slipping. They’re the hard kind that won’t collapse on you.

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